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What is Whiplash?

When injured in a car crash, receiving the proper course of treatment as soon as possible can be the difference between returning to pre-injury status versus chronic pain and disability. Injuries from whiplash trauma are not simple muscle strains as some doctors, lawyers, and insurance adjusters like to claim. Whiplash injuries are a unique and somewhat misunderstood injury that is not thoroughly taught in medical and chiropractic schools. To fully understand the injuries, their causes, risk factors, and treatment methods, additional education outside of the normal curriculum must be obtained.

Injury During a Car Crash

Whiplash, although a common term used by healthcare providers to describe soft-tissue injuries of the neck after a car crash, is not a diagnosis at all. The term whiplash is a description for how the structures of the neck are injured during a car crash. A more accurate diagnosis would be Cervical Acceleration – Deceleration Injury, as the rapid forward and backward movement of the head and neck is what is responsible for causing injuries to the ligaments, facet joints, and discs of the spine. It is injuries to these structures that lead to spasming of the surroundings muscles as they are drying to protect or “guard” the injured areas.  After a crash, life can get stressful dealing with multiple insurance adjusters, car rental companies, mechanics, body shops, and medical bills, and then on top of all of that – pain. We have been helping injured patients get well since 2002.
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