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After a car crash, the first place you should go is to the emergency department to rule out serious and emergent conditions. Remember, that once the hospital releases you, that does not mean that you have not sustained an injury. It simply means that your injuries do not require immediate emergency care.
If you are having pain, the next step is to give us a call and schedule an appointment. The sooner you begin treatment after an injury, the better chance you will have of making a full recovery.
The accumulated scientific research suggests that greater than 40% of patients that suffer a “whiplash” injury will suffer some long-term symptoms. These studies also suggest that if these same patients are still experiencing pain after 90 days, there is only about a 10% chance of them ever returning to pre-injury status.

The majority of patients that come in after a car crash just want to feel better and get back to their normal lives. In a perfect world, you would receive the treatment that you need and the at-fault driver’s insurance company would pay without issue. Unfortunately, more times than not, this does not occur. After treating hundreds if not thousands of patients with injuries from auto crashes, we feel that having a qualified lawyer that focuses on personal injury can make things easier and less stressful for you. Not sure who to call? We can provide you with options.

There is not a straightforward answer for this question since all crashes and situations are different. In Georgia, it is optional to carry medical payment (med pay) benefits on your auto insurance. This is used to pay for any treatment that is needed in the event that you or a passenger is injured in an auto crash, regardless of who is at fault. Your auto insurance will then typically be reimbursed from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Since Med Pay is optional in Georgia, we recommend our patients contact their insurance agent and add it to their policies. It is inexpensive, and can make things much easier in the event that you would ever need to use it. If no health insurance or Med Pay is available, we can agree to provide treatment on a Letter of Protection (LOP) from your attorney.

Rest assured, we take your health and treatment very serious. When further testing is warranted, we do not hesitate to the order the needed diagnostic tests. And if your condition requires a different form of treatment from what we provide, we have a network of doctors, surgeons, and diagnostic facilities that we will recommend.

Just as no two individuals are the same, neither are injuries. There are a number of factors that determine how quickly someone will heal. The type of injury, predisposing risk factors, vehicular factors, and age are just a few of the factors that can affect both injury severity and healing time. Once the full extent of the injury and crash is known, we can provide an estimate of treatment duration based on the most current guidelines for whiplash injuries.

Unfortunately, medications prescribed for neck and back pain such as muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and pain relievers are designed to temporarily reduce or cover secondary conditions of muscle spasm and pain, not to facilitate or aid in your healing.

This is simply not true. If you are told this by a doctor or an attorney, they are revealing their ignorance and/or bias about this subject, and it would be wise for you to find another attorney and or doctor that is knowledgeable in personal injury matters.

Some conventional chiropractors are purposefully rough, performing somewhat violent manipulation, and treat the neck as if it is a wing-nut.

Our treatment involves specific adjustments, and not just random manipulation. Our precise treatments allows us to care for people of all ages, including children.

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