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Limited range of motion is usually caused by an injury in a specific joint or by a chronic condition. It is typically accompanied by pain, stiffness, and swelling. At some point, limited range of motion can interfere with a patient’s ability to perform day-to-day activities.

How We Find Any Resistive Range of Motion & Coming Up with a Solution

From a clinical point of view, we measure your range of motion to set a baseline, design an appropriate treatment plan and monitor progress over time. Range of motion testing also has other administrative uses, including insurance reimbursement purposes as a means to document improvement.

In our office we use Dual Inclinometer Computerized testing to help give us the most accurate assessment possible. Range of motion testing is painless for the most part—sometimes, post-operation and post-injury range of motion testing may cause some slight discomfort, but only during the testing.

Increases in Range of Motion is one of the most common benefits of our treatment

Range of motion allows us to monitor your continual improvement with care

Range of motion testing is an non-invasive way to determine functional impairments and to also provide evidence of improvement. Range of motion testing also gives the patient a viable way to evaluate the performance of his or her treatment.
Increases in Range of Motion is One of the Most Common Benefits of our treatment.

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