Our Methods of Chiropractic Adjustments Focus on Removing Structural Shifts of the Spine

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

When it comes to our chiropractic services, we focus on restoring proper alignment of your spine and improving overall function to every system of your body. Misalignments in your spine will ultimately compromise your overall health and function. These compromises often appear as symptoms of an underlying cause. We take a unique approach to your health care by dealing with the direct cause of your symptoms instead of the secondary effects.

Our Different Types of Chiropractic Methods

Spine Pain Restoration

Structural Chiropractic & Restoration

Utilizing a proprietary blend of technique and protocol, our goal is to remove or reduce structural shifts of the spine.

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Myofascial Release Therapy

Structural shifts, as well as trauma, can cause painful spasms and adhesions to form in muscles which can lead to pain and tightness in and around that muscle.

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Passive Range of Motion Exercises

Range of Motion Testing

Range of motion is one of the most important factors for evaluating the functionality of the neck and back.

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DynaRom Electromyography Testing

We utilize FDA cleared diagnostic equipment that objectively measures the impact of connective tissue injuries by documenting your pain while you move.

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Say Bye to Pain After Our Chiropractic Adjustment

Feel Better

We take a functional approach to the spine. We look at your body in a unique way that is dually focused. Not only do we want you to feel better, we want to SEE evidence that your body has made significant changes. Measurable results are the quickest, most tangible way to improving your pain.

Treatment Options

Today’s medical field offers a wide variety of treatment options. When symptoms occur, physical therapy is often utilized to strengthen a muscular weakness, address spasm, or increase mobility. If that doesn’t work, medication is often the next line of treatment options for symptom relief. Injections of drugs come next, and finally, more invasive procedures like ablations and surgery should be used as a last resort.

Get an Effective Treatment

These treatments have their time and place. They can be effective based on the goals of the individual. Our goal at Dublin Chiropractic is to restore and fortify the structural integrity of your spine while improving your body’s function.

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